How to Sell Your Pre-Owned Rolex Watch in Riverside, California

Rolex Gold Watch In this article, our Riverside watch buyers will cover some common questions regarding how to sell a Rolex watch in Riverside, as well as where to sell your used Rolex watch for a best cash offer.

Because Rolex watches are among the most collectable watches in the world, you want to be as informed as possible when selling your Rolex, so as to ensure that you are receiving a fair cash price. So, let’s get started with our Q & A on selling your Rolex.

1) Should I refurbish the dial before selling my Rolex in Riverside?

No, do not refurbish the dial before trying to sell a Rolex watch in Riverside, CA. As with other fine collectable items, vintage Rolex watches are more valuable to buyers in their original finish. You may feel tempted to refurbish the dial on your used Rolex if it does not look like new, but resist the urge and leave the dial as is.

2) Will non-Rolex parts affect the price when trying to sell my Rolex?

Riverside watch buyers will pay a much higher price for a used Rolex watch that has all its original parts. No-Rolex parts will bring down the value—often very substantially. However, even if your Rolex watch has a replacement part, you still may be able to get a good price for it in Riverside—depending on the particular part which was replaced.

If your Rolex has non-original parts, the best thing to do is to take advantage of Riverside Jewelry Buyer’s free verbal Rolex appraisal to discover how much your Rolex is worth on the international re-sale market.

3) My Rolex has a loose band. Will that affect the price?

Yes. Riverside watch buyers will be able to pay you a higher cash amount for a used Rolex with a tight band that appears like new, versus one with a loose and older looking band.

4) Where can I sell a broken Rolex watch in Riverside?

Most Riverside watch buyers will purchase your used Rolex watch, regardless if it is working or not. In fact, when you sell a broken Rolex watch in Riverside, you still may receive a very substantial cash offer, because Rolex watches often can be repaired for a reasonable price.

5) How can I get more money when selling my Rolex watch in Riverside?

Because there are literally millions of fake Rolex watches in circulation worldwide, it’s important that you have the original box and papers, in order to get the best price. Used Rolex watches without papers still can be sold to a professional watch buyer like Riverside Jewelry Buyer. However, if you can provide the original sales materials than came with the purchase of your Rolex watch, you will receive a higher cash premium.

6) How much can I expect when selling my Rolex in Riverside?

The amount of cash you receive when selling a Rolex watch obviously depends on your particular Rolex watch; its condition; and the demand for your watch on the resale market. However, there are several basic facts to keep in mind:

1) The jeweler who sold you your Rolex needs to make a substantial profit on every sales transaction (including your Rolex purchase) to stay in business.

2) Like a brand new car, a new Rolex watch immediately depreciates in value once it has been bought (the exact percentage of depreciation varies).

3) The Riverside watch buyer who purchases your used Rolex needs to make a profit too, so that that they can stay in business.

Therefore, while Riverside residents can expect a substantial cash offer for their used Rolex watches, the amount will ordinarily not be close to the retail price—the exception being for certain vintage, limited-edition, and antique Rolex models which are hard to find and in high demand.

To find out exactly how much your Rolex watch is worth, contact Riverside Jewelry Buyer today for a free, no obligation, appraisal and an immediate cash offer.

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