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Sell Gemstones in Riverside CA Where to sell expensive gemstones? Riverside Gold & Jewelry Buyer is more than just the best local diamond buyer in Riverside, CA. We also are the best place to sell expensive gemstones, including emeralds, sapphires, and rubies.

Our fine gemstone jewelry buyers are chosen for two important reasons. 1) Our gemstone appraisal and sales process is secure, fast, and risk free. 2) Every Riverside customer receives a generous and immediate cash offer based on the worldwide market value of their expensive gemstone jewelry.

Our Riverside jewelry buyers purchase most types of precious gemstone jewelry. However, we specialize in large high-grade colored gems and designer jewelry with appraisal values into the five and six figures. For example, we pay premium prices for sapphire jewelry from Tiffany & Co., emerald necklaces from Van Cleef & Arpels, and Harry Winston sapphire rings.

You can count on our Riverside jewelry buyers to leverage over 50 years of combined industry expertise to get you more cash for your exceptional gemstone jewelry while also providing courteous, professional, and discreet service.

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  • Where to Sell Ruby Jewelry in Riverside, CA
  • The Best Place to Sell a Sapphire Ring in Riverside
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  • The Best Place to Sell Precious Gems in Riverside
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Free Gemstone Jewelry Appraisal – Riverside, CA

Sell your gemstone jewelry to our Riverside jewelry buyers and get paid in cash today. You can also pawn expensive gemstone jewelry for a confidential and immediate cash loan. Contact Riverside Gold & Jewelry Buyer now to arrange a confidential appraisal of your large carat ruby, sapphire, and emerald jewelry.

How Much Do Our Riverside Jewelry Buyers Pay?

  • Sell a 2+ Carat Ruby Ring for Upwards to $5,000 in Riverside, CA.
  • We Buy Antique Emerald Rings for Upwards to $50,000 in Riverside, CA.
  • Sell 3+ Carat Sapphire Earrings for Upwards to $5,000 in Riverside County.
  • We Buy Tiffany Ruby Necklaces for Upwards to $20,000 in Riverside, CA.
  • Sell a 5+ Carat Emerald Gemstone for Upwards to $25,000 in Riverside County.
  • Get a Free Gemstone Appraisal from our Riverside Jewelry Appraisers.

Find out why so many satisfied clients say that Riverside Jewelry Buyer is the best place to sell a diamond ring, large diamonds, and expensive colored gemstones in Riverside, CA.

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